Cooking is an art. Therefore, everyone wants to cook delicious meals for the family. Many women see the cooking is a joy for family and relatives. However, not housewife knows what to avoid when cooking. Because if you do not pay much attention to safety issues when preparing, you can create bad habits. And bad habits will negative effect your health and relatives. Therefore, this article points out the need to avoid the habit of cooking, and help you cook delicious meals, safe for health.

How to Cook Food Safely

Things to Avoid for Yourself When Cooking

  • Do not wash your hands before entering the kitchen: You should know that failure to wash your hands or wash dirty, can cause food contamination. This would create the risk of dangerous pathogens. Therefore, before entering the kitchen, you need to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Wearing a dirty apron: If you wipe your hands on my apron before doing any stage of the process of cooking, the food will be contaminated through your hands. Therefore, do not wear the dirty apron to cook.
  • Using multiple materials at once: Each type of equipment has different properties and different flavors. Some ingredients are cooked for too long will lose nutrients, even becoming substances harmful to health. Using multiple materials at once not only cause you to have difficulty in processing, also causing metamorphic material, affect the health of users.

Things to Avoid with Cooking Utensils When Cooking

  • Do not clean the cooking utensils before preliminary processing: The kitchen utensils like knives cutting boards, they are usually not cleaned before using. However, they are very vulnerable to contamination, such as bacteria, mold, and things that negatively affect the health of people. You should clean cooking utensils before processing, a clean way, and that’s the best way to protect yourself and loved ones from the harmful consequences.
  • No separate raw foods and cooked foods: If you easy reach cooked food to raw food, this would be bad. Because natural foods will cause abdominal pain. And if this situation continues long term, you will be prone to dangerous infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Because the cooked food is heavily contaminated from raw foods.
  • Heating saucepan or nonstick skillet at high temperatures: If you do hot pan, skillet at high temperatures, then this leads to the release of perfluorocarbon as smoke. This substance is the primary cause of damage to the liver.
  • For cutting boards, knives: When using a knife cutting board, you should note one thing. You do not use the same chopping board, knives for raw foods and cooked foods. Because natural foods have many bacteria, quickly spread through the body passed to the cutting board, use separate utensils for raw foods and cooked foods.
  • For non-stick pans: You should use wooden tools for interacting with the non-stick pan, which helps protect the surface of the pan. Hygiene pan with hot water and soft cleaning pads to protect the coating of the pan. You should buy a new saucepan when the surface was no longer useful. Time to use 2 to 3 years is sufficient to protect health.
  • Place the heat-resistant glass in the oven: Heat-resistant glass at high temperatures in the oven will be broken. Therefore you should use metal fittings for ovens. This is similar to the slow cooker. However, it is best you should read slow cooker reviews for choosing suitable products.
  • Heating oil to Fuming: Cooking oil is heated to excessive smoke. This will cause metamorphic cooking oil, and it produces harmful substances to the body. At the same time, every edible oil has different boiling points. But all cooking oil from boiling too long, it will adversely affect human health.

The cooking job needs more skills and experience, not only to ensure the quality of food but also to ensure the health of the user.

Mom and Kid Cooking in the Kitchen

Notes for Some Common Foods to Ensure Health Safety

For eggs:

  • Boiled eggs should not be too long! Because the inside of the egg will occur chemical reaction, and the protein was precipitated much. This is not good for the digestion and destroys many nutrients in the egg.
  • Do not use cold water to cool boiled eggs: Because when egg meets the cold water, the eggs will shrink, creating space between whites and eggshells. Bacteria in the water will penetrate the egg, and this is not good for health.
  • For the vegetables: When boiling vegetables, plants want beautiful, you should put some salt in the boiling water. Note, please use boiling water, as this will help vegetables are soft, cute and charming. Do not boil too long, it softens vegetables and destroys nutrients in vegetables.

The Cooking with Kids

For the meat:

  • Do not use hot water to the frozen meat. Because sweeteners in meat will dissolve in hot water, this makes the meat nutrient loss.
  • You do not marinate the meat with salt in a long time, before roasting meat. Because the proteins of the meat will be frozen, shrinkage reduced palatability.
  • While stew meat, bones should not add cold water. Because meat and bones have protein and fat. If you are boil water, then add cold water, the temperature of the pot was lowered abruptly. The protein and fat will quickly be frozen, so meat and bone thus reducing quality, tasty loss.

There are many things to consider when you are in the kitchen. However, a few notes in the article will help you cook delicious meals, nutrition and health safety.

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