Safety tips for Holiday cooking

For a large number of families, cooking together in the holiday is considered as a tradition. It has joy in making pizza with the best small toaster oven. It tries turkey of your grandma for Thanksgiving, for example. Whether you have any projects, it is vital that you should know the essential rules in order to keep everybody cooking in the safe condition, especially with the children. Here are some useful tips!!!

11 Safety Tips for Holiday Cooking

#1 – Wash Your Hands before Cooking

Let’s remember that there doesn’t have any holidays for germs. The common bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, or norovirus are always in a ready posture to attack your children. Correspondingly, washing the hands before cooking is a way to prevent the illnesses.

The statistics:

Let’s wash your hands before starting

#2 – The Way to Wash

Based on the studies, it has recognized that the temperature of the water is just a section of staying your health. Your skin will be damaged if the water is too hot. You only need to wash your hands with the cool water ~ 400F and scrub with soap ~ 20 seconds, which can remove the germs an efficient manner. An interesting suggestion for you is to sing a verse in your favorite song when washing your hands. Like that, not only you have joy but also it makes sure enough the time.

A couple of people use a dirty towel so as to dry the hands theirs. This isn’t an appropriate hand-washing. It ought to have a clean cloth to dry your hand in order to ensure the bacteria-free.

#3 – Utilize the Separate Tools When Preparing the Raw Foods

Though your hands were washed before cooking, you can still pass pathogens from the foods to eaters. Accordingly, you remember to wash your hands again after touching the raw foods, especially, the meat. In additional to that, you should not reuse the bowl, board, or knife that touched the dairy or raw meat. For example, you haven’t use the knife and board cut the chicken before so as to cut the raw vegetables. Let’s keep this in your mind!

Using the separate tools

#4 – Follow the Food Safety-Cooking Rules & Meat Temperature

If the foods aren’t cooked at a right temperature, it will be very dangerous because the harmful bacteria is not killed completely. Let’s consult the below information! You ought to equip one food thermometer to check the temperature of your food before serving. Even, you also need to do this with the fresh foods because they are able to contain the harmful germs.

+ Meat mixtures and ground meat:

  • Lamb, veal, beef, and pork ~ 1600F – no rest time
  • Chicken, turkey ~ 1650F; no rest time

+ Fresh lamb, beef, veal:

  • Roast, chop, steak ~ 1450F; rest time ~ 3 minutes

+ Poultry:

  • Chicken, turkey ~ 1650F; no rest time

+ Ham and Pork:

  • Fresh ham and pork ~ 1450F; rest time ~ 3 minutes
  • Precooked ham ~ 1400F; no rest time

+ Egg dishes and eggs:

  • Egg dishes ~ 1600F; no rest time
  • Eggs is cooked until firming; no rest time

+ Leftovers and casseroles:

  • Both ~ 1650F; no rest time

+ Seafood:

  • Finfish ~ 1450F; no rest time
  • Crabs, shrimp, and lobster must be cooked until it is opaque and pearly.
  • Mussels, clams, and oysters need to cook until shells are opened; no rest time.
  • Scallops will have to cook until flesh is firm or opaque; no rest time.

Check the food temperature

#5 – Avoid Raw Cookie Dough

Salmonella which has in eggs is the cause of diarrhea, even, it is likely worse. What’s more, it doesn’t recommend eating raw dough because flour also consists of E. coli. To make sure an ideal dessert in this holiday, it lets cook all dough before your family chews them down.

#6 – Clean

You see the counters clean, but this is not necessary. You can use a sponge to clean everything. However, you also need to be careful because your foods may be passed germs while using sponges. Accordingly, the best is to utilize a microwave to clean a sponge before cleaning the counters. Apart from, it should avoid using it to wipe raw meat juice. The best is to utilize only one.

#7 – Apply Age-Appropriate Recipes

Children may help you while cooking, but not all. It is necessary to assign the task based on age. With younger kids, it just helps the simple things and the complex tasks are to spend for older kids.

#8 – Dress

The importance is comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that you wear a loose-fitting way. This one is dangerous. Before starting to cook, it makes sure that your cloth is proper. At present, there are the small aprons for kids that you can consider buying one for them.

Wearing the proper cloth

#9 – Set a Safety Zones

It never allows children to contact the sharp knives, gas, or hot stoves, which are dangerous. It ought to set the specific boundaries and give the certain rules when children are in your kitchen. There is to keep them safe. Even, you are here, it should also set a safe zone out of the hot stoves or ovens. It only provides the safe utensils without a sharp knife.

#10 – Teach the Safe Routine

Let’s apply how to teach children to remember the road! You also do the similar thing when being in the kitchen. It can guide them how to minimize the risk of burns or spills, by turning the stove. In a narrow space, you should teach them the fundamental aid steps before practicing any recipes.

#11 – Let’s Be Realistic

Cooking is fun, so it chooses the simple recipes as long as you and your relatives can practice together. It avoids selecting the complex recipes, especially if your children want to assist. Aside from that, you should also avoid recipes that other members cannot eat. There is a holiday for the family. The nice result together is a reward.

With these tips, it hopes that you and your family will have a happy holiday-cooking.

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