If you want to cook for relatives a delicious meal, then you should be aware of the basics of cooking. The following article will point out 5 basic rules to help you cook better. The following rules will certainly help you lose a sense of apprehension when you want to cook, and you will quickly make delicious dishes for their loved ones. Please read carefully to learn how to cook delicious dishes through 5 following basic principles.

The cooking safely

Boiling Water

Boiling water is also limited. The change in the temperature of boiling water, then depending on the atmospheric pressure, but usually about 100 ° C (212 ° F). You will wait for boiling water to put the new food, and you dip until cooked food.

Boiling is a simple method of cooking, the best for a few specific foods, such as dried noodles, boiled vegetables, and boiled eggs.

Dish of boiled vegetables is common, but today people tend to avoid boiled vegetables because many vitamins in vegetables will be melted during the boil, reduce the nutritional value of vegetables. If you cook vegetables by boiling, then you should choose to add the soup or other liquid food such as soup. This will help maintain the nutritional value of the meal.

Boiling is probably the most common method, used for most stews and sauces. Particularly suitable temperatures for cooked foods to cooked food is from 87-94 ° C (190 ° F range from – 200 ° F).

The Steamed

Steaming is a method of cooking with moist heat, which uses heat from steam to cook food. It is a very gentle form of food help as vegetables, and fish cooked them, do not use more lube while maintaining nutrients.

Food cooked to the boiling temperature of water from 85-95 ° C. This is one of the simplest methods of cooking.

Steaming also retain the most nutrients by steam can not penetrate the nutrients from food. The cooked food can preserve more nutrients than 50% compared to other forms of cooking techniques. Also, the food is cooked by steaming method will help keep the fat and cut calories of food.

Steaming can be done in many different ways, but for now, most people choose to use autoclaves in the household market.

Steaming is a quick cooking method, as it is conducted at high temperatures. Most of the vegetables are steamed under 5 minutes, while other white fish and meat will take 3 to 5 minutes, depending on a thickness of food.

The Fried

Food is cooked in a hot pan with oil, and the most important thing is that both the pan and oil are heated to a high temperature.

Fried food is mainly meat, such as chicken breast, steak, pork chops and fish fillets, and you should restrict chopped food. However, the fried should be done at a moderate temperature. This will ensure food is not burnt on the outside before the food is fully cooked.

If you want to cook foods such as French fries and donuts, you should select the type of thick bottomed pan. This will help you to soak the food in hot oil thoroughly. With this fried, the food will be cooked in the hot oil spilled over food.

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The Grilled

Baking ovens and grill are both dry cooking methods which foods are heated by the flame. The only difference between the two approaches is impact position of the heat source

With grilling, the food is cooked by hot air produced by the fire. However, the air quality is the poor conductor of heat, so the food should be placed close to a heat source. This will reduce the amount of fat from food. To can improve this, if you love the attractive barbecue then you should choose top rated gas grills.

Because of hot and dry properties of this cooking method, you will need a lot of foods marinate cooked, and this will ensure your food will taste and flavor. You should marinate with needed spicy food, mix well and soak the food in a period. The spices will need a chance to absorb into the grilled food.

Using Microwave

The method of using microwaves as a cooking method is very convenient and requires little skill. Microwave produces electromagnetic waves, and they impact on water molecules in food. Then, the vibrations will generate heat and cook food. The cooking newcomers to become familiar with microwave, and a few health and safety features that you should know:

  • Never use a metal material in the microwave. The electromagnetic waves can not penetrate into metal and may create sparks. This would be very dangerous and may damage your microwave.
  • Food should always be covered with lid microwave. This will create the safety of the cooking process, and prevent spilled food.
  • Many people believe that cooking with a microwave is not good for health, and reduction of food nutrients. But, contrary to popular belief of the people, the food is cooked in a microwave oven does not cause loss of nutrients. But, many people still choose to use the microwave only to reheat, defrost or make popcorn in the microwave. Very few homemakers using microwave method to cook food because they do not believe the effect of microwaves.

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But, if you are a busy person, the microwave is a tool to assist you a lot in cooking. It can cook most dishes without losing nutritional value, save time and replace the traditional cooking methods.

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