There are a lot of elements relating to the kitchen safety. One of the important factors in the kitchen safety is how to use the cooking tools properly. Surely, you know these tips. You will feel more safety during preparing meals for your house. Using the cooking tools in the right way also contribute to have the safe in the kitchen. To understand more this, you can look at some following explanation in this article. I believe that you will get more experience about using the cooking tools. From there, you can like to cook more.

How to use the cooking tools properly

In the kitchen, the cooking utensils are never dispensable because they will support your cooking become more quickly and easier. I will mention some common cooking tools which they have an important role in your kitchen. They are the knife, cutting board, pot, and pan.

Choosing Good Knives and Using Them Properly

A good chef is often willing to invest a good set of kitchen knives. Of course, he will spend a bid budget to buy the high quality of the kitchen knives. In fact, if you know how to use and store in the right way you can use them in a long time. Here are some tips that they will help you choose and use the kitchen knives:

  • To cut most of the foods, you should choose the knife which it has the straight-edge about 8- inch. In the case, you want to cut the bread as well as the roasts. The 10-inch serrated knife is maybe the best choice for you;
  • In addition, you should not use the kitchen knife for the odd jobs in your family. It is very simple because it is not good for that knife and unsafe for you. The knife is also a dangerous thing with your children. So you should keep it out of your child. Choosing a suitable place to store is a thing which you must think about;
  • Moreover, after using over time, the knives can be dulled. Using a dull knife will make you be angry. Even, it can cause an accident. Therefore, you should keep the knives be sharp. To do this, you can use the sharpening steel;
  • Beyond that, to improve your cutting ability, you can learn how to use the knife properly and how to cut the food safely. They are considered the most basic things to have the kitchen safety.

You can refer to the necessary tips to use the knife as follows:

  • Hold the knife firmly;
  • Always control the blade during using the knife;
  • The fingers will curl under and parallel to the blade;
  • You should focus on the food and the blade to avoid cutting yourself.

How about The Cutting Board, Pot, and Pans

For the cutting board, you should use at least three cutting board for your cooking. You can use one for the raw meat, fish, and bone. The second cutting board will be used with the cooked foods. The fruit and vegetable will be cut in the last one. All of three cutting board should be cleaned after using to prevent food poisoning.

Cutting board and pans in the kitchen

For the pots and pans, most of them are made of the heavy metal. They can distribute heat very well. This will help you cook food. However, with a pot with the full food, it is very heavy to lift from the stove to the ground. Even, you can meet the injury if you have any carelessness. Please look at some advice to know how to use the pot and pan in the kitchen:

  • Two handles are better for your using. The handle is enough long to hold easily. You should not choose the short handle. Thus, you should pay attention to this feature to choose the appropriate pots and pans;
  • Next, you note its weight. With some pots and pans which you use usually in the daily meal, you should choose the lightweight cookware;
  • Besides, you always use the kitchen gloves. Many hot pans will burn your hands. To ensure the high safe, these gloves must be dry.

Wearing Kitchen Gloves

In summary, how to use the cooking tools properly is not simple. However, this is not too difficult to remember. Moreover, the kitchen knives, cutting board, pot and pan are very common utensils in the family. So you should keep these tips in your mind to have the kitchen safety. It is very useful in your life. Especially, you will feel more confident when cooking the daily meal. In my opinion, this information is valuable things for all of the housewives.

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