You study a lot of rules of the traffic safety because you want to be safe when driving vehicles. In fact, many risks in the outside can happen anytime. However, when cooking in your kitchen, you also have some accidents if you have any carelessness. To prevent this problem, you should have some basic steps. They are the tips for the safe in the kitchen. Of course, they are necessary and important for you all. Especially, the housewives should keep these steps in the mind. You will find out them in this article. I believe that they are very interesting to you. And this information is very useful in our daily life.

Basic steps to have the kitchen safety

As you know that kitchen safely depends on a lot of factors. They include some steps to cook food. Or they are how you arrange all utensils in the kitchen. And there are some other elements. Here are the most basic things to have the kitchen safety.

Step 1: Keep The Suitable Temperature in The Fridge

To ensure health for all members of the family, the housewives play an important role. They know how to cook in the right way, how to store the food in the fridge properly….. You must note that the fridge is always installed at 4 degrees Celsius or less. With this temperature, it will reduce the development of the bacteria. In fact, the bacteria is one of the reasons which they will lead some disease for the human. Using the refrigerator properly is a method of the kitchen safety.

Step 2: How to Store The Food

Storing the food is considered one of the important things of the kitchen safety. The family’s health also depends on a lot of how you keep the food. So, do you know how to store the food in the right way yet? Please refer some following tips:

  • With the raw foods, after cleaning you should divide into some boxes. Placing them in the fridge immediately. You must note to set the reasonable temperature. This will store your raw foods better.
  • In addition, with the cooked food, you should use immediately. In addition, you can keep it in the fridge. Do not place it on the outside more than two hours.
  • Moreover, with the leftovers, if you store properly in the refrigerator you can use within two days later. But you feel some strange smell. You should throw it out.

Step 3: Clean The Cutting Board Carefully

Cleaning the cutting board carefully

Surely, you are always to use the cutting board to cook the foods. After each use, you must wash it with soap and hot water. It is very necessary to have many other cutting boards for your using purposes such as raw food cutting board, cooked food cutting board, vegetable cutting board and other fruits. To eliminate the harmful bacteria which they remain on the cutting board, you can clean it carefully and regularly.

Step 4: Cook The Food to The Suitable Temperature

To ensure the nutrients in the foods, there are some foods which they should not be overdone. Some foods must be overdone to ensure the human health. Therefore, you should have the thermometer. You can use it to check the safe temperature.

Step 5: Keep The Clean Kitchen

The floor in the kitchen must be cleaned. You will move a lot in this area. If you spill something on the surface you must clean it immediately. In fact, you can be fallen while cooking. Moreover, after cooking completely, you also clean the kitchen by the solution of bleach and water. This detergent will kill all harmful bacteria in the kitchen. You have a good environment and cleaning place in the kitchen. This also contributes to having the kitchen safety significantly.

Step 6: Keep The Clean Dishes and All Utensils

Besides, keeping the floor in the kitchen must clean. The dishes and all utensils also need to be clean too. All of them must be clean for the next time of using. Normally, after washing, you should let two hours. Also, you have to wash your hands with soap and warm water immediately after handling the raw meat and fish. It takes you about 20 seconds for washing.

Clean the Kitchen

In summary, compared to the other positions in the family, the kitchen is the place where there are many potential risks of the accident. Thus, the housewives must understand some basic safety rules. According to the ideas of many people, there are 6 important steps to having the kitchen safety which I just introduce in this writing. I think that all housewives need to add this knowledge as soon as possible to ensure the health.

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